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Along my trail

A long and silent wail

With emotions so weak and frail

I seek a comforting sail

But I surface with no avail


Tears silently escape

From lids that sadly drape

To cover my eyes like a cape

And seal my sorrow with a tape


My pain is tender and quail

But my pride will always prevail

To keep balance to my quivering rail

And conceal my sadness without any fail


Feelings lodged within me like a grape

Confusing me providing no escape

Questions sink to the back of my nape

And answers whizzing by like a slape


I drift back to a comforting trail

Following through my anointed grail

Engulfed with strength from The One we hail

Marked by clarity beyond any fail.

Nostalgic memories…

source: Nostalgic Memories, Becca Givens. (04/04/2011) URL:

A sweet memory visits me
every now and then

It peckers on me with its dainty
peak like a white fluffy hen

It rolls all around me and leaves
marks like a pen

Then suddenly I find myself in a
memories filled den

Nostalgic memories that make
me feel like I am but ten

I marvel upon these memories as if
they were across a ben

I look at where I am and compare to
where I was then

I revel in the honey crusted
feelings that place me on a fen

Between a smile and a tear,
nostalgic memories play me like an

Between a cloven certain and
hesitant yen,

Nostalgic memories drift back into
their bitter-sweet lem

And loom back into the sky to
decorate it like the wezen…


Dear February

Dear February,

Here you are already. You softly tapped on my year and glided in. As swiftly as you arrived, you will soon pass me by and be nothing but a memory. A memory stored deep in my mind and loftily in my heart. You have been a sweet and tender memory difficult to be spoken of in summary.

Dear February, every year you come upon me; I celebrate you in a different kind of harmony. Between a birthday wish and a lover’s glitch your days play a melody like a symphony.

Dear February, is it too late to ask for a wish? If not, I ask your coming days to be a love bound sanctuary. I ask that your days rejuvenate a nostalgic memory. I ask you to pick a rose for me. I ask you to pick a rose petal for me. I ask you to give me a feather light kiss and a hug that is marshmallow-y.

My dearest February…