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Along my trail

A long and silent wail

With emotions so weak and frail

I seek a comforting sail

But I surface with no avail


Tears silently escape

From lids that sadly drape

To cover my eyes like a cape

And seal my sorrow with a tape


My pain is tender and quail

But my pride will always prevail

To keep balance to my quivering rail

And conceal my sadness without any fail


Feelings lodged within me like a grape

Confusing me providing no escape

Questions sink to the back of my nape

And answers whizzing by like a slape


I drift back to a comforting trail

Following through my anointed grail

Engulfed with strength from The One we hail

Marked by clarity beyond any fail.

Lessons I learn and teach myself.

During my education in the University, when the going got hard, a fleeting moment would come upon me where I would question what I was doing and ask myself if it was worth all the hard work. With an adamant yes, I would push that moment of weakness far back and strive ahead.

Now I’m in the real world. Facing the real facts of life. No cushions to fall on, no trampoline to bounce back up with, no marshmallow clouds and vanilla moons, no sweet lemon crusted sun or bubble gum blue sky. It’s the real thing where whatever I say is taken for what it is and beyond, where my actions are the only cutlasses paving my future.

I still get those fleeting moments of confusion where I get the urge to recline and hide like an ostrich. And then a little voice within me reminds me that reclining would not make the world stop moving and that reclining would not make people and events around me evaporate. It would only throw me into quick sand where I will not have help because I would be sinking alone, voluntarily. And by alone, not only will the people around me not be able to help me, but even I would not be able to help myself.

It’s during these moments of weakness that I realise what it means for me to be the mature individual that I have grown to become and the woman that everyone sees me as. I realise that shutting out “my world” would not make things easier, it would only show how weak I am with my inability to push forward while maintaining my ground and still accepting everyone around me. And then I realise what it really means to be strong. The ability to stand my ground, suck the negativity with a cushion, reshape that cushion and throw it back out.

I have learned different ways of coping and adjusting, sometimes it’s by the support of someone close and other times it’s by simply doing something that allows me a mental corridor where I leave the negativity behind. No one has the ability to set back those moments if I do not accept to let go.

With all that’s said, the core of what ultimately makes me more confident again about my moment of weakness towards the thoughts of reclining is faith. Having the ultimate faith that Allah will make things better for me. Entrusting him to take care of things. That always brings peace to my heart and mind. I’m learning how simple it is to do that now. It involves pausing the racing thoughts in my mind and just pushing matters towards Him. It brings amazing peace to my heart.


Coke’s secret recipe unveiled?

We have all grown up to the shiny red logo of Coca Cola. In the midst of a hot day or a happy gathering we always opt for this sweetly addictive beverage. On Feruary 11, 2011, a famous American radio show, This American Life, revealed the original recipe of coke in glee! The recipe was found in an article from a local newspaper in Atlanta dating back to 1979. Coca Cola, however, was quick to deny the authenticity of the reveled recipe a couple of days later.

Where there is a revelation, there is some sort of truth and where there is smoke there is fire. The recipe might not be 100% authentic but there is some level of authenticity to it. Why this issue has taken my attention is because one of the revealed ingredients is alcohol. Alcohol is forbidden to Muslims as the Quránic verse states: “They ask you (O Muhammad) concerning alcoholic drink and gambling. Say: “In them is a great sin, and (some) benefit for men, but the sin of them is greater than their benefit.” Qurán (2:219)

I am not sure whether there really is alcohol in Coca Cola but I don’t think I can ignore this piece of information for it might be true and then again it might not be true. What do you know?

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Coffins with style from Ghana

For the Ga tribe in coastal Ghana, funerals are a time of mourning, but also of celebration. The Ga people believe that when their loved ones die, they move on into another life — and the Ga make sure they do so in style. They honor their dead with brightly colored coffins that celebrate the way they lived.


To see more artistic coffins. Click Here!

(Sources: Ghana Web, Damn Cool Pics)

Knight and Day OR Day and Knight?

This is a picture of a pharmacy in Adbaraka, Ghana.  The pharmacy is quite old but they really wanted to put their pharmaceutical  skills out there with their name “Day and Knight Pharmacy”.


And here’s a movie poster for the movie “Knight and Day” starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaze that was released in July 2010.

Any copyright infringements?




Happy Birthday Hossun

23 years ago the universe received a beautiful gift named Hossun. Though she greeted it with a cry,







the universe knew it was a beautiful voice of a special person that was going to make a difference in it one way or another.










With each day that passed, Hossun preciously grew just like a rose.












Little by little she blossomed into a precious angel with a treasurable personality.













On this special day, I’d like to wish my best friend a joyous and memorable birthday.











It warms my heart and brightens my life to have you as my best friend.










Wishing you an exhilarating birthday and a jubilant life.


Tears are the purest description and expression of our deepest emotions and inner most feelings. Tears are the sincerest manifestation of our emotions that are allowed to surface for our mental comprehension. They sometimes flow in what seems like abundance whereas there are times when they refuse to release in despair from the intricate and deep feelings going on in one’s heart, mind and overall emotions.

Tears need to be let out in times of despair, in times of hurt and even in times of happiness. Tears need to be let out so as to accept a new beginning or an ending whether desired or not. There are times when a person needs to give up some tears and let it out of his heart so as to be able to stand up again and move on.

And to end with a beautiful quote: “If I were a tear in your eye I would roll down your lips to kiss you, and if you were a tear in my eye I would never cry to never ever lose you…”