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Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

And the mirror finally replies to all those who ask “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

Mirror, collected from Google Images


“Dear people looking at me,
stop asking this question and let me be.

Is it not enough you can see through me?
For it really is not as easy seeing through thee.

Devoured I feel with the looks in your eyes,
they sometimes sparkle like fireflies.

In your question to me you expect me to say,
an answer that only you can cause to play.

Be the answer you wish to hear,
for that is the only answer that is always loud and clear.”


Nostalgic memories…

source: Nostalgic Memories, Becca Givens. (04/04/2011) URL:

A sweet memory visits me
every now and then

It peckers on me with its dainty
peak like a white fluffy hen

It rolls all around me and leaves
marks like a pen

Then suddenly I find myself in a
memories filled den

Nostalgic memories that make
me feel like I am but ten

I marvel upon these memories as if
they were across a ben

I look at where I am and compare to
where I was then

I revel in the honey crusted
feelings that place me on a fen

Between a smile and a tear,
nostalgic memories play me like an

Between a cloven certain and
hesitant yen,

Nostalgic memories drift back into
their bitter-sweet lem

And loom back into the sky to
decorate it like the wezen…


Addiction of the day: Adele – Someone like you…

It is just one of those days where a song sticks on me.



Dear February

Dear February,

Here you are already. You softly tapped on my year and glided in. As swiftly as you arrived, you will soon pass me by and be nothing but a memory. A memory stored deep in my mind and loftily in my heart. You have been a sweet and tender memory difficult to be spoken of in summary.

Dear February, every year you come upon me; I celebrate you in a different kind of harmony. Between a birthday wish and a lover’s glitch your days play a melody like a symphony.

Dear February, is it too late to ask for a wish? If not, I ask your coming days to be a love bound sanctuary. I ask that your days rejuvenate a nostalgic memory. I ask you to pick a rose for me. I ask you to pick a rose petal for me. I ask you to give me a feather light kiss and a hug that is marshmallow-y.

My dearest February…





Poem by Elizabeth Camp

I came across this sweet poem by Elizabeth Camp. Enjoy it.


Tender are the scars that never heal

Deep are the wounds of the soul

Long is the night that never ends

And false are the tales you’ve been told…

You have visited me within your dreams

You have seen my shadow upon your wall

You have heard my voice within your mind

And you are helpless to resist my call…

I am the one you hope never to find

Yet I am the one that fills your heart

I am the one whose tender kisses

You long for in the dark…


I could hold you in a lover’s embrace

But once would never do

For already you fill my senses

With love and need for you…

I am legend, lore, and myth

I roam the dark of night

I take what I need from the innocent

I flee from dawn’s first light…

You ask who and what I am

But in your heart you already know

Though a mortal man I may not be

I am still the one who loves you so.