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Lessons I learn and teach myself.

During my education in the University, when the going got hard, a fleeting moment would come upon me where I would question what I was doing and ask myself if it was worth all the hard work. With an adamant yes, I would push that moment of weakness far back and strive ahead.

Now I’m in the real world. Facing the real facts of life. No cushions to fall on, no trampoline to bounce back up with, no marshmallow clouds and vanilla moons, no sweet lemon crusted sun or bubble gum blue sky. It’s the real thing where whatever I say is taken for what it is and beyond, where my actions are the only cutlasses paving my future.

I still get those fleeting moments of confusion where I get the urge to recline and hide like an ostrich. And then a little voice within me reminds me that reclining would not make the world stop moving and that reclining would not make people and events around me evaporate. It would only throw me into quick sand where I will not have help because I would be sinking alone, voluntarily. And by alone, not only will the people around me not be able to help me, but even I would not be able to help myself.

It’s during these moments of weakness that I realise what it means for me to be the mature individual that I have grown to become and the woman that everyone sees me as. I realise that shutting out “my world” would not make things easier, it would only show how weak I am with my inability to push forward while maintaining my ground and still accepting everyone around me. And then I realise what it really means to be strong. The ability to stand my ground, suck the negativity with a cushion, reshape that cushion and throw it back out.

I have learned different ways of coping and adjusting, sometimes it’s by the support of someone close and other times it’s by simply doing something that allows me a mental corridor where I leave the negativity behind. No one has the ability to set back those moments if I do not accept to let go.

With all that’s said, the core of what ultimately makes me more confident again about my moment of weakness towards the thoughts of reclining is faith. Having the ultimate faith that Allah will make things better for me. Entrusting him to take care of things. That always brings peace to my heart and mind. I’m learning how simple it is to do that now. It involves pausing the racing thoughts in my mind and just pushing matters towards Him. It brings amazing peace to my heart.



Reblog: The “Mark Makhoul vs Benihana Kuwait” Story

Many have read and heard about the Benihana case with blogger Mark Makhoul.

Consequently, today, 14 February 2011, bloggers are posting a copy of Mark’s original My Benihana Experience post to their own blogs and Facebook pages.

In an effort to highlight both Mark’s predicament and Benihana’s apparent keenness to sue bloggers, friends of Mark and fellow bloggers around the world can join us in re-posting a copy of Mark’s original Benihana post today. They sued him – will they sue all of us?

It’s not too late to join us! The day is young…

My Benihana Experience

” A few days back I posted about Benihana opening up at the Avenues and yesterday night I decided to pass by with Nat and try it out. The service wasnt too bad for a restaurant that’s just been open for a few days and the staff were really friendly. The restaurant itself is made up of islands and bars with a grill in the middle of each one. You sit around the grill and the chef will come to your table and prepare the food right in front of you which makes things entertaining. It’s actually why I prefer sitting at the bar in Japanese restaurants in general, since you can talk to the chef and watch them put your dish together. The problem with my experience last night though was with the food, it was disappointing to say the least.

We ordered beef negimayaki for starters followed by an Orange Blossom maki and a Hibachi Chicken. The negimaki arrived looking good and was probably the best thing we had there even though I prefer Maki’s negimaki which has a richer teriyaki sauce. The Orange Blossom was very ordinary, wouldn’t order it again. Now the Hibachi chicken which is basically grilled chicken, that was the worst. The chicken was very chewy (I could swear it was undercooked if not raw) and tasted terrible. Even after I had the chef add some more teriyaki sauce in hopes of improving the taste it didn’t work. I tried to dip it into the sauces that came with the chicken but it was hard to figure out if they were actually making things worse or not. Nat only ate one piece of chicken and left the rest while I needed my protein since I’m on a strict diet and forced myself to eat my whole plate (I can do that) but the after taste was really bad. Even the rice and the veggies that came with it tasted bad AND were under cooked. Once we left I considered picking up a frozen yogurt from Pinkberry even though I hate frozen yogurts but I just needed something to get rid of the aftertaste. A few moments later we ended up at Chocolate Bar ordering the gooey chocolate cake (bye bye diet).

I shot the two videos [video one and video two] above of the chef preparing our meal. Benihana are known for the live shows they perform when preparing your dish so I was expecting to see [This] but ended up with the above. Would I go back to Benihana? No I wouldn’t. Their sashimi and makis are pretty cheap (KD1.5 for 5 pieces of Salmon sashimi for example) but there are two other Japanese restaurants at the Avenues, Wasabi and Maki, and I would prefer either one of those to Benihana. ”

It didn’t end at Mark’s review of the restaurant. Click here to read more on the Benihana case.

#Tweeps Pledge

I promise on my social media honor to be faithful and loyal to #twitter #MyRealTimeLand

I pledge myself to the regular tweeting on #twitter with all my thoughts and all my internet access.

I promise to hold #twitter in high esteem, #tweeps heritage won for us through constant tweeting and the toil of trending topics, and I pledge myself in all things to tweet and retweet the good tweets on twitter.

So help me high bandwidth and reliable internet service.


Community Service

As part of a course requirement in uni, it was required to carry out a thirty-six (36) hours community service that would be beneficial to the local community.

I chose the Osu Children’s Home which is a community for orphaned, neglected, abused or missing children between the ages of zero and eighteen.

At the beginning, it was some sort of challenge to me. I believed that engaging in community service at the orphanage would carry out rewards beyond the obvious and tangible. Moreover it would help support a minute part of the community.

My first day at the home was not as I had anticipated. I came across cases of abnormalities and illness among the children and I must say there has been some form of discrimination from the staff.

I met a cute little two-year old boy ‘Addo’. He was not sent to school with the other children because the house mistress (care taker) claimed he was ill. Later I got to know from other volunteers that he was HIV positive. I was shaken at that moment, I had been there for like 2 days, and “Addo” was always by me, carrying him, helping him change, calming him down when he cried. Besides all the stuff I knew about HIV/AIDS, I couldn’t help but panic. Then I tried clearing up my mind about it, so as not to disappoint little Addo – it’s not his fault that he has AIDS. Later they claimed that he did not understand what was taught in school and the teachers complained that he was a mischievous. (I refuse to buy that) –  “Addo” was recently transferred to another center that caters for HIV positive kids.

The life of orphans at the home is a sad and disturbing one. It is poorly equipped, overcrowded, under-staffed, and I believe unattended by officials.

I hope to go back some time to check on them. Some unfortunately passed away, and others transferred to other centers. I remember little Addo, stubborn Akua, innocent Annabel, naughty John  and the others.

This experience made me appreciate that I have my parents around. I understood how important  family bonds are.

Besides,  I really hope I made the kids happy when I played with them and stood up for them when the older boys bullied them. Although majority  speak the local language and communication was difficult between us, I understood every expression.


The unconscious redefinition of Justice

I had initially intended to start writing this post with a definition of justice but then I halted and thought to myself, do I really need to formally define justice when even a kid defines what it is for himself? Though justice is universally known as doing what is “right” and punishing the “wrong” doers, this right and wrong seem to have evolved over the years per social class, per country, per religion, per race and the list goes on.

Due to such rules pertaining to the redefinition of right and wrong and hence justice, people tend to unconsciously redefine justice. This redefinition allows 10 year old kids to be detained in Palestine, it allows corrupt leaders to sell off the lands riches to foreigners, and it allows murderers to walk freely with a simple claim of insanity.

Our systems are reshaping us, reshaping our mentalities, reshaping our definitions of justice. It is due to this, that we can sleep soundly as we know at this moment children are deprived of their basic rights in Iraq, children live in constant horror in Palestine, children are infected with AIDS due to the carelessness of their parents, and children die of malaria due to the negligence of their governments…

Some leaders have redefined their terms of justice, this tends to reshape their followers definitions of justice until there comes a time when these followers decide it is their turn to define what is just and what isn’t and hence the deterioration of general law.

In the movie “Law Abiding Citizen” starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler, Gerard’s character loses his wife and child due to being murdered and raped by two psychos. Of the two, only one commits the act, yet the guilty one had a deal with the court and was let go as the less guilty one was sentenced to death. Gerard then decides to kill every individual who allowed the death of his wife and child to go lightly.

Though Gerard’s character was extreme in rectifying the law, how can I blame him when it was the law that reshaped him into a murderer who thought murdering “unjust people” was right? In this case, tell me where justice lies: with the court who thought allowing a murderer to walk was the best solution at hand or with Gerard (a new murderer given birth to by the law) who wished to avenge his wife and kid strictly by the rules of the state?

We have unconsciously redefined justice even though its formal definition seems to be the same. We have been reshaped by our states, we have been taught to accept matters even though some of us try not to succumb to this system and this mentality.

What and where is Justice?


Why do we disregard refuse collectors?

This question goes to me..and to you! Yes you!

Have you ever greeted any refuse collector? Or thought of doing so? Have you told them good day? How are you?

Frankly, I haven’t either.

I was watching TV one evening and there was a show about refuse or some sort of dumping ground somewhere in Morocco.

Suddenly  it clicked to me “why do I disregard collectors?” – “why look down on them?” So i thought I needed to recognize them in a blog post at least. Then of course cultivate the habit of actually greeting them..and acknowledge their presence.

They are humans, just like me and you.  Their only crime is that they collect our refuse! That’s THEIR job .. just like you’re an MD, radio presenter, web developer, or financial accountant.

If you believe you’re doing the most important job in the world..then you should look back at them and you’ll notice they’re doing a better job..They’re getting rid of  our refuse.. our dirt..!

They’re making life easy for me and you! They’re making us drive or walk around the streets and our homes and feeling clean!

This blog is not only about refuse collectors but also janitors, those who collect your WASTE (you know what I mean).

The mere fact that they’ve decided to do this job (which you and I  definitely wouldn’t), should make us at least regard them in society.

They are people who are forced by circumstances, if they had better options they wouldn’t have done that! At least they aren’t begging on the streets.

So this is a cause to me and you! Let’s appreciate whats around us!

Just say a nice “hello” with a smile! Let’s appreciate what others are doing so others appreciate what we also do!