The best kind of relationships – Part 1

I’ve hardly ventured into discussing relationships on this blog because in my conservative culture that is more of an under-the-table topic. Not because it doesn’t happen, but more because it is not discussed openly.

However, as I am moving through the “College of Life”, I am also taking courses on relationships. Unfortunately for me, the instructors hardly gave me manuals and the classes are basically reliant on my contributions.

I have come to the conclusion, as of today, that the best kind of relationship is one that you do not know you are in. The kind that builds from a friendship bond that was closely knitted over a period of time, unsuspectingly so, or maybe a tiny bit suspecting with a butterfly nip at your nape – One where you have no list to constantly compare that other person to – One where you do not have a list you compare yourself to either. But rather like a clear, beautiful river that flows freely in which you may swim without getting hurt and then with a serene, peaceful, green, flower-patched bank that you can also relax on until one day you are lucky enough to witness the mesmerizing golden sunrise at and realize; wow! I love this place and then realize the place also loves you back and for that reason, it had always been kind in your presence.

What is your best kind of relationship?

4 responses to “The best kind of relationships – Part 1

  • Haitham Al-Sheeshany

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  • Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    Wonderful post! I thank you for: 1- opening paragraph 2- writing about yr feelings on such an issue 3- the song 🙂

    looking forward-really- to subsequent parts 🙂
    IF I had an answer to yr Q, it MIGHT be: a relationship that I want my partner to be better than me in ALL aspects & if they refuse (for any reason) then I would be more than ok to ask why and delve into that why and rediscover them as well as myself!

    I know it is not a direct answer, merely a phrase/definition that looks for such form of a/the relationship. The real quest of finding that relationship is a bit different but in a way -for me- the definition above encompasses that quest, too!


  • Mimo

    Lovely post =) I’m with you on your opinion. My idea of a great relationship is one that has an extremely strong friendship foundation. One where you can be exactly who you are and where the other half can do the same. One in which there is complete acceptance, where both people are comfortable to discuss anything at all. One where in time, this friendhip evolves into something more. Without a doubt this needs a helluva lotta work, and it’s not necessarily a smooth journey – but it’s a journey of learning and growth.

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