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Take me back to the day before yesterday

Take me back to the day before yesterday
When you were firm but soft like a ball of clay
When you would whisper to me at the light of day
When you would smile in a manner that was tender and gay

Take me back to the day before yesterday
When thoughts of pain were miles away
When I could linger back and admire what you say
When my smiles were drawn by you in an array

Take me back to the day before yesterday
When worry and sadness were shelved to decay
When happy moments were on replay
When your kind words lured me to stay

Here I am sitting today
Wondering why things took a turn this way
But feeling rejuvenated by the glowing rays of the day
And staring at the prize right ahead of my path way

As much as I wish it was the day before yesterday
I am looking forward to the day after today

A bank robbery!

Yesterday, two company employees were returning back to our office in Adabraka after collecting a large sum of money from Fidelity Bank at Ridge. While on the move, a strange sound was being heard from one of the vehicle tires. The driver eventually came to a halt in order to investigate the source of the sound. In the mean time the vehicle was being followed by two men on a motorbike.

As soon as the driver left the vehicle, he was attacked by the men on the motorbike. Following this the other employee left the car to assist the driver and this led to the money that was collected from Fidelity bank to be snatched through the door that was left ajar.

Investigation has begun, however, the Police were not able to help thus far; BROLL Ghana, who brags of impeccable building management services, could not assist on the matter despite them being the company managing the building and finally Fidelity bank, does not even have a CCTV camera system to provide footage of the early chase.

The culprits stuck a fabricated object onto the tire when the vehicle halted at the traffic light (images attached below). The fabricated object was made of rubber, some nails and an empty coke can.

The bank manager later mentioned that this sort of crime had happened before and that there was a discussion on this recurring theft with other bank managers (DISCUSSION AND NOT ACTION) I shall not delve into the flawed security we are suffering from and how BROLL and Fidelity Bank take their customers for granted, but rather I wish to provide tips on how to avoid being the next victim.

  1. Be on alert when leaving your bank in case you are being watched
  2. Check your car tires before sitting in your car
  3. Keep an eye on your mirror in case you are being followed
  4. Be alert while at a traffic light, as this was when the object that enabled the crime to enfold  was stuck beneath the tire
  5. If at any point you hear a strange sound from your vehicle, try your best to only stop at a police station or a public area, because the moment you stop, the thieves will stomp on you.

fabricated object stuck onto car tire to aid robbery

The best kind of relationships – Part 1

I’ve hardly ventured into discussing relationships on this blog because in my conservative culture that is more of an under-the-table topic. Not because it doesn’t happen, but more because it is not discussed openly.

However, as I am moving through the “College of Life”, I am also taking courses on relationships. Unfortunately for me, the instructors hardly gave me manuals and the classes are basically reliant on my contributions.

I have come to the conclusion, as of today, that the best kind of relationship is one that you do not know you are in. The kind that builds from a friendship bond that was closely knitted over a period of time, unsuspectingly so, or maybe a tiny bit suspecting with a butterfly nip at your nape – One where you have no list to constantly compare that other person to – One where you do not have a list you compare yourself to either. But rather like a clear, beautiful river that flows freely in which you may swim without getting hurt and then with a serene, peaceful, green, flower-patched bank that you can also relax on until one day you are lucky enough to witness the mesmerizing golden sunrise at and realize; wow! I love this place and then realize the place also loves you back and for that reason, it had always been kind in your presence.

What is your best kind of relationship?