KFC soon in Ghana

I’m surprised it has been on the net for almost two months and only until today that I heard about it. Guess what!! KFC is coming soon to Ghana. Maybe that’s not news to some, but in this part of Africa .. it is NEWS!

People have been waiting and asking about the emergence of the 2 giants (McDonalds and KFC) for long enough and there you go .. wish granted.

Let’s hope whoever got the franchise (whether Lebanese / Indian) made the right decision. << Turned out to be Indians.

I must say most local “fast foods” in Ghana are reasonably healthy. Yes! Healthy..this is because there isn’t much of additives that would make it more yummy and shiny in comparison with worldwide fast food chains.

Will KFC be around for long?

Well, its a bit vague to predict KFC’s future in Ghana. Many of us (in Ghana) remember when “Steers” (originating from South Africa) first opened its doors to the public..it was the HIT.. like the drive-thru experience and all the effects etc..but Steers didn’t stay around for long and closed down too soon.

In my opinion, KFC will definitely be a hit for some time .. but Ghanaians will agree with me that the national and most preferred meal is “rice & chicken”… lots of fried rice..! This is why “check-check” food joints are booming (example Epo’s).

KFC will be provided with the fries, meat etc. all shipped to Ghana..so nothing much is going to be done here expect for the putting things together…are we ready to take in the ready-made (God knows what and how its made) chicken?

All the folks have to do is deep fry, serve and we munch on more fat day after day!

I’m personally excited about it .. because I think it’s about time we had one fo the two (KFC/McDonalds) in Ghana..so I bet many will pretty much like the idea.

Prices? Taste? will it be made of cheap expired chicken specifically for this part of the world? Only time and out taste buds will tell.



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