Poem by Elizabeth Camp

I came across this sweet poem by Elizabeth Camp. Enjoy it.


Tender are the scars that never heal

Deep are the wounds of the soul

Long is the night that never ends

And false are the tales you’ve been told…

You have visited me within your dreams

You have seen my shadow upon your wall

You have heard my voice within your mind

And you are helpless to resist my call…

I am the one you hope never to find

Yet I am the one that fills your heart

I am the one whose tender kisses

You long for in the dark…


I could hold you in a lover’s embrace

But once would never do

For already you fill my senses

With love and need for you…

I am legend, lore, and myth

I roam the dark of night

I take what I need from the innocent

I flee from dawn’s first light…

You ask who and what I am

But in your heart you already know

Though a mortal man I may not be

I am still the one who loves you so.




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