Juicy Dilemma

So I was at the mall today doing the usual weekly shopping with mom. She set her eyes on these juicy oranges. I went for a plastic bag and was getting some to be weighed. I stepped back and read the box..it read Jaffa.

Then it clicked “oh Jaffa Oranges”. These are supposed to be a very sweet, almost seedless orange variety. Originally developed by Arab farmers in Palestine, not until  Israeli producers took it up and began growing and exporting them.

Now this is the point, should I buy them or not? For a second I thought I wasn’t going to because of all the politics and my position as a Palestinian. Then I thought again, okay! its fruits from MY land .. and OUR trees .. doesn’t matter WHO gets paid for it.

It’s too bad they’re gonna get my money, it would have been better if I knew it was going to the right source. Better yet they taste so good.

Does it make me LESS-PALESTINIAN?? What would YOU have done?

The yummy looking Oranges:



2 responses to “Juicy Dilemma

  • Sugar 'n' Spice

    My parents were doing some shopping yesterday and came across them. They were about to buy them until they realized their source; then they set them back. – Moi

  • Luay Rahil

    I find myself everyday making choices like this, but I have a deeper understanding about politics. I’m palestinian who was born and raised in Lebonon, and I truly beleive that our cause is political and it can not be solved militarly.
    I can not go any further explaining my stand on the issue, since 3 things I try to avoid online which are politics, religion and sports.

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