That sassy girl from Lebanon

I often wonder why Haifa Wehbeh has not been sued by any Children Rights group for using kids to brand herself as a coy and sassy singer. Yes, she is beautiful and looks good but she has a deplorable voice. And I’m pretty sure if kids understood her songs and their implications, they would feel embarrassed by them because she tends to exploit their innocence by making them repeat her lyrics.

I sometimes dance to her songs when in a funky mood, but I must admit that deep down I’m not proud of myself for doing that. I attempted debating within myself as to whether she was worse than Lady Gaga but concluded that Lady Gaga does her thing without trying to gain fame through the innocence of children but rather simply says what she wants and acts as she wishes for the sake of it. I am not saying I approve of Lady Gaga either, but it’s cool to do your thing without hiding behind a cloak. Or what do you think?



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