Handshake or hand-quake?

I was conducting a research once and had to collect data from some personnel at a bank. I met with a gentleman that was very helpful. He welcomed me with a polite smile and, as required in the corporate world, a firm handshake.

The gentleman’s handshake was so firm that I gasped inwardly as the bones of my hand were remolded by his overly firm grasp of my palm in what was meant as a welcoming gesture. It is a rule to have a firm handshake since this has a number of implications but, how firm should it be?

A handshake should be firm but not overly so. This aids in portraying a strong non-verbal communication. And as Dr. Nancy says “Having a “good” handshake is important because it creates a first impression.  In business, it is your non-verbal calling card.”

Shake hands with moderate firmness even if you’re eager to make a notable impression.



One response to “Handshake or hand-quake?

  • Luay

    A firm hand shake is acceptable, but if somebody is trying to crush your bone is not. It is an outdated phenomena. It is old, and it does not work anymore, people with very firm bone crushing handshake usually have the weakest personalities in the room.

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