We were mugged!

One time, we skipped a discussion class to go for an exciting and leisurely walk. (We would like to assure you right from the beginning of this post that we did in fact have an exciting walk.) So while enjoying our serene surroundings and beautiful day, we were suddenly greeted with a cutlass by two charmingly mean looking muggers. With a silent invitation to hand over our stuff by gesturing with their cutlass, we cordially handed over all our belongings. Frightened to silence and immobility we could not think of screaming or searching for help. Riding on a scooter as slow as a turtle they run off.  All this felt surreal until we hit reality and realized that we actually had a voice that could be used to scream for help.

Being such diligent students, we screamed “PLEASE we only want our school books back!!! You can have the bags!

Muggers thinking: “WTH is wrong with these girls? They just got mugged by our scary selves and they want their books?”

Unfortunately 3 cell phones, 1 laptop, 3 bags, Spice’s pink pencil case and Sugar’s Mickey Mouse key holder were stolen.

However, on a more serious note, it was indeed a scary experience. We advise you all to have some sort of protection with you at all times and be alert from anyone who approaches you.

Stay Safe.

Sugar and Spice


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