Why don’t you comment on blog posts?

This is a direct question posed to every curious individual who visits this blog and several other blogs, reading through numerous posts without leaving trails of comments behind.

It’s quite overwhelming finding people taking time to read your thoughts. Meanwhile most of them don’t comment or respond. So whats the point and how would we know how good / bad the post was. A blog isn’t a blog without comments.

Writing a response to what bloggers post is important to both the blogger himself/herself and subsequent viewers on the blog.

Some deliberately choose not to comment while others show concern and may have nothing to add but make it a point to respond simply with nicely said, good job etc.

Its not about racing up for many and just any comment. Rather its about knowing the results of sharing your thoughts and ideas with others.

We can all try to make a point and respond to blog posts, you’re not obliged to discuss and analyse. It could be time consuming to read thoroughly and respond but the success of a blog is built by viewers.

When posts are read only without commenting the blog seems to be completely one-sided which defies the fact of having one.



7 responses to “Why don’t you comment on blog posts?

  • Luay Rahil

    That is a good question to ask a lot of people, I like to leave a comment and interact with the writer, however sometimes I dont leave a comment, eventhough I try to leave a comment on every blog I read, I will try harder next time, good job on all what you do, and we love reading you blog.

  • Kwabena

    I do leave comments on blogs. I just don’t like leaving comments on blogs which ask for email addresses. I like blogs with built in disqus. I can log in at least with my twitter account and leave a comment

  • Abdelrahman

    A lot of reasons for that, I personally usually leave comments on most posts I read, interaction is the whole point from blogs. I can see now that it works like you have a group of bloggers who read and respond to each other’s blogs and it goes on like that.

    That’s a reflecting of the society it’s hard to find leaders who’s ready to take the initiative in anything, even posting a comment.

  • Dionysos

    I was thinking about that same question not long ago. I guess it all has to do with the type of relationship one develops with his/her readership. I have seen very stimulating blogs that don’t generate much comments while on the other hand I have seen casual/light blogs that generate a shitload of responses.

    I myself tend to be more of the ‘reading without commenting’ type; although I do drop a note of appreciation from time to time.

    Nice blog btw…

  • cherie coco

    wow….dat was a bit harsh….whiles i was reading this post i could just picture spice reading it to me…………….chill girls…chill….. dnt u kno it takes sumtym 2 b popular…lol….. infact…i wont comment again.lolol

  • Anonymous

    ah is it by force mtchew……………

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