Why we need etiquette.

Many of my followers have asked the reason behind my continuous etiquette tweets in the past few days. So I decided to have a short and precise post that’ll explain my reasons behind and of course chip in a few etiquette tips 😉

I strongly believe in this quote: “Now, more than ever, people need to live graciously,” says Dinyon. “Having good manners is always in style.”

Etiquette I believe isn’t about being picky on stuff and acting too much of a lady or a gentleman. It is simply a code of personal conduct in society. I keep hearing this comment: “What’s the point, I want to behave just the way I am. I can’t pretend to be someone else.”

This is wrong! We always carry ourselves in a certain manner around and as humans we surely don’t want to be criticized for an unaccepted behavior. We might feel inclined to say: Oh well! I don’t care what others think of me. I am who I am”. Sorry to crush it but you do care! And you know it.

Etiquette is not only about how men should hold the door open for women or how gentle a lady should eat at a dinner. It’s about basic things we do every single day which even our parents at home teach us no to do. Such us not talking while chewing food in your mouth, making sure you close your mouth when eating; the girls are often advised not to speak aloud to distinguish themselves from the guys and many more.

This code of personal conduct cuts across many areas, mainly in communication, business, when eating, social events etc. What could be better than being courteous?! J

I said at the beginning that this post will be short and precise and without going anymore further I’ll end it here with a few etiquette tips J

Etiquette Tips:

#1 Hold the door — whether male or female, hold open a door you have just passed through for the person behind you.

#2 When out for dinner, the person who extended the invitation (regardless of gender) is responsible for paying the bill.

#3 A woman should excuse herself and apply lipstick in a private area such as a restroom and not on the table after a meal.

#4 It is good manners to wait until you have finished chewing and have swallowed your food before taking a sip of your beverage.

#5 The person who reaches the elevator first or is closest to the door, regardless of gender, enters or exits an elevator first.

#6 After an engagement, regardless of who calls off the relationship, the ring should be returned to the giver.

#7 When someone says something positive about you, don’t deny it. Instead, thank them for the compliment and enjoy their praise.

#8 When you are disconnected, the individual who initiated the call is responsible for calling back the other party.

#9 When you comb your locks and fix your coif, always check for stray hair that may have fallen. Wipe up fallen loose hair.

#10 Say please and thank you — to waiters, flight attendants, store clerks, cab drivers — the little things go a long way.



2 responses to “Why we need etiquette.

  • Woody

    Thank you for sharing the Etiquette Tips, I wish you can add more from time to time 🙂


  • Aladdin

    Im planning to vacation in the UK this Summer. Perhaps, I will get a headstart & brush up on my Etiquettes! As far as Gifts are concerned,How about a supply of Kleenex for My Lady Elizabeth?

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