Memories of the beloved rose of the Middle East, Lebanon.

Upon asking my mom to relay some memories she has of Lebanon as a child, she shared the following with me;

During the cozy days of winter, I would walk out to get some stuff for my mom. I could see the beautiful sight of snow sprinkled like sugar over the perfect shape of the mountains. The shiny glory of the sun would engulf me as it comfortably laid back into a magical blue sky while a beautiful rainbow smiled at my adored Lebanon.

During the colorful days of spring, I would race my friends into a magical field filled with roses and flowers of all shapes and colors. The weather would be extremely pleasant as the wind softly caressed my face while beautiful scents would tease my nose. My friends and I would contest to pick the largest amount of flowers so as to present them to our then teacher Mrs. Wafa’ whom we adored deeply.

The golden days of summer were amongst the most exciting. I still remember the harmonious family gatherings over Lebanese dishes like our famous tabouleh. My sisters and I would visit my aunt up in the mountains and pluck fruits like apples, pears among others off trees. We would watch pleasant Lebanese enjoying those glorious days as they walked by with family and friends and greet us.

Tanned leaves gradually fell off trees as a welcoming carpet for winter during autumn. Those were days when we would anxiously prepare for the next season by making pickles, storing fresh olives picked off trees and roll out the carpets to warm us during the anticipated cold days. My sisters and I would excitingly buy stationary and other school materials as a new academic year would be right around the corner.

My mom wistfully relayed her memories with a soft smile on her lips and a dreamy look in her eyes. Though the amount of years I have lived in Lebanon are but numbered to the number of years I stayed in Ghana, I cannot but love it due to all the love that emanates from my mother for it.



One response to “Memories of the beloved rose of the Middle East, Lebanon.

  • Aladdin

    Sweet Memories!
    My personal favorite ChocolateBar is “fruit n’nut”Cadburry. For one,the nuts & raisens were equally distributed & it is one candybar I remember my Dad bringing back home from his business trips to London. Just as we live the PRESENT, and make new memories, Our PAST too, define & mould us into who we are today, and above all,reminds us of a PAST that was so Memorable!

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