@marriamb moments:

Every point defines an aspect of @marriamb’s personality and stuff about her I’ll always remember:

  1. IN HURRY: She’s always “ma3jou2a” in whatever she does, someone will think she’s pissed but she’s just hyper most of the time. She packs her stuff so hurriedly and bangs doors when taking a break from a boring lecture or a sleepy mood.
  2. PHONE – She forgets to turn her phone off or on silent each time we’re in class – In Competitive Strategy class it rang more than 4 times. And argues with the lecturer about it. It has become my daily duty to remind her in each class “mariam, is your phone on silent?” – she still forgets. (U still owe Mr. Bentil)
  3. YOY – She has a “YOY” reaction to anything and everything cute.
  4. “MELTING MOMENTS” is so irresistible, she’ll leave whatever she’s doing for a meal there.
  5. ROAD RUNNER: She’s a road runner, walks super fast I can barely catch up. I pant when walking *running* with her from building to another.
  6. GOOGLE TRANSLATOR: Mariam has super power bilingual skils .. NO problem with languages at all, Google translator is always a handy tool. She speaks Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French.. you name it.
  7. MAKE UP ISSUES: Whatever the event is, she never likes my makeup, she complains its too light and “mish mbayan”.. drags me to the bathroom and “re-makes me up”
  8. FLOWERS: She loves flowers, and most especially on the hair. She’s always chasing me with flowers to stick in my hair. And they don’t last for long. Or I simply don’t listen.
  9. BREAKFAST: I don’t like having breakfast in the morning, but with mariam..it’s a different case altogether. It’s a big deal if she gets to know “ba3dni bala terwee2a”.



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