We live our lives in different situations, with different mindsets at different points in time but there is one thing that we consciously or unconsciously hold close to our hearts and minds; it is hope and promise.

A child starts embracing his journey in life by first allowing elders to carry him with the hope that he may one day carry himself around. This hope becomes a promise as he attempts to crawl his way through life and gradually takes baby steps. He promises himself to become independent by not giving up every time he falls down due to his faltered steps.

Children play with their mates pretending to be a mother, doctor, teacher etc. They hope to be the successful character they imitate. This sense of hope and promise is what makes them strive in life, even though at a young age, they do so unconsciously.

We learned to walk, talk and become independent. We learned what it takes to become whatever we want to be.  Some of us apply what we learn while others do not for one reason or another. But whether we become what it is we consciously want to be or not, we always live with hope. We promise ourselves that life will be as we wish it to be. We promise ourselves to maintain our smiles. We promise others to maintain their security. We promise our loved ones to give them all what they hope for. We hope life will always shy disappointment away.

Dreams, hope and promise are what keep us going and aspiring. Dreams, hope and promise are what welcome our tomorrow as we wave off our today.



2 responses to “HOPE AND PROMISE

  • Luay

    Hope is the commodity that propels us forward, it is the common ingredient in every success recipe , I build my whole life on it, I dream that tomorrow is a better day, I promise others to make the future better than their past, and I hope that God helps me to deliver my promise and live my dreams.

  • Aladdin

    Eloquently Spoken 🙂

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