So we have reached the second month in 2010 and birthday gifts must be given out. Many of you are probably wondering what to get your friends and loved ones on their special day in terms of suitability, practicality, and so on. Here are a few tips on the kind of gifts to get:

  1. Toothbrush and toothpaste. The toothbrush can be as per the person’s favorite color.
  2. A beautifully elegant box of tissue and matching toilet paper. Again as per the person’s favorite color.
  3. A car tyre and car tools
  4. A set of colored bowls for the kitchen
  5. Some rice and oil for your mom
  6. Batteries for the remote control for your dad to watch the news
  7. Detergents for cleaning
  8. Some shampoo, soap and deodorant
  9. A carton of mineral water
  10. The daily news paper on the persons birthday
  11. A skipping rope
  12. Bathroom scale, especially for a lady you want to get at
  13. A set of clothes hangers
  14. Some cotton swabs
  15. Some bug spray

Finally, do not forget to nicely wrap your gifts and present them with warm birthday smiles and wishes.

Warning: Do not get us any of these gifts on our birthdays!

Sugar and Spice



  • Luay Rahil

    I will be killed if I gave any of these gifts out, thank you for the advice, LMAO

  • Aladdin

    Oh Common,going down this list of what to get ur friend for their birthday..reckon it would be less painful if you preteneded to forget the event rather then present them with such questionable gift items..no way, were you really being Sarcastic? LOL

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