There is a perpetual encouragement to think outside the box and to be as creative and innovative as possible when attempting to solve problems. This thinking however, is not always valid or feasible as simple problem solving techniques and answers might be the optimal solution in some situations.

A couple of weeks ago, I faced an embarrassing situation because of this issue. I was helping a friend of mine locate something on her laptop.  While working on it, she asked me to go to ‘My Computer’.  I went to Control Panel instead thinking I have to configure some settings. Then I was like, hang on a minute, my computer..hmm..?

After a few seconds of rummaging my mind, I asked my friend where “My Computer” is. Of course after pointing it out to me, I felt stupid. Had she said she wanted to check the partitions of the hard disk it would have clicked to me, but simply go to My Computer seemed vague.

You might find yourself facing a question that requires a simple answer but due to your super “thinking out of the box” skills, you miss the answer. For example:

Qst: What do you do when you feel like walking?

Ans: Go for a walk.

Well, though this question might seem stupid to ask but some people try to apply their thinking out of the box skills that they forget the simple answers. This issue can cause embarrassment even in the work place at times. So guys, think within the box once in a while and not out of the box all the time.



One response to “THINK WITHIN THE BOX

  • KmaN

    True… so very true… Sometimes answers are simple. Hungry? Eat. Tired? Sleep. Bored? Go for a walk. Etc…

    We, like you said, try to overuse our brains when the matter at hand is usually something as simple as choosing between vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

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