You’ll know you are in Ghana when…

You’ll know you are in Ghana when…
  1. Medicine is advertised on TV like candy
  2. People say “your head” or “your face” as retorts
  3. You see a truck embedded with maxi speakers and a bunch of people in the truck dancing while moving on the road
  4. You see a bunch of plastic chairs and tables casually organized at the side of the road with maxi speakers as a “café”
  5. People have ‘waakye’ (rice & beans) for breakfast
  6. Appointments are never met on time
  7. Students walk 15 minutes late into class as though they are 15 minutes early
  8. You can shop while stuck in traffic
  9. You find a “don’t walk on grass” sign where there is no grass
  10. You find a “no hawkers” sign on a street filled with hawkers
  11. You find a “throw litter in bins” next to overflowing bins
  12. Almost all the food joints have fried rice and chicken on the menu
  13. Employees miss work when it rains and expect their employers to accept it as a valid reason
  14. You find herbal medicine advertised on billboards with visual directions on where to apply them on one’s body, no matter the part.
  15. You see ubiquitous “Post No Bill” signs plastered or painted on walls.
  16. It is common to block streets on weekends in order to set up tents for funerals.
  17. Coffins are shaped as per the deceased worldly profession eg: a fisherman may be buried in a fish shaped coffin.
  18. People  urinate on the “do not urinate” signs
  19. O – is added to everything .. Shut-up-O!
  20. You know exactly what a “knock” is and how it feels!
  21. Alcoholic beverages are advertised on TV and streets like they are soft drinks

Representing Ghana!

Sugar & Spice


3 responses to “You’ll know you are in Ghana when…

  • Odai

    Hehe! nice post, it seems you’re enjoying your life there..
    you’ve made me excited to go there for a visit.
    BTW, I go regularly to Libya in business trips, I always think of booking a ticket to with Afriqiyah Airways and visit an African city, it seems Accra will be one the most probable choices.

  • cherie coco

    Hello girls!
    4 ur information:
    numba 3 is called a FLOAT!
    numba 5 is more like a carribean breakfast… rice nd black eyed peas, u kno wat i mean
    numba 7 i hope u r not talking to me

  • Aladdin

    As far as #17 is concerned, I happen to be into the RealEstate Business, SO does that mean after my death my coffin would be designed into a building shape? perhaps I might find an Escape thru’ one of those Emergency FireDrill Exits! LOL

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