February 14th, the day of red roses and chocolates, the day of red everything and smiles, the day of intimate to friendly gatherings and expectations. February 14th, the day some people are highly expectant as others are conveniently not, the day some people feel especially cherished as others feel let down or missing out. February 14th has been conveniently commercialized into different countries across the world, but does it really deserve all the fuss?

Do love, appreciation and friendship need a day to be re-ignited? Do they need a day to be reminded of? Do they need a day to be particularly acknowledged? This topic may be viewed differently per individual, per culture or sometimes per an entire continent but it just saddens me to think that people only care enough to show appreciation on a festive day after the first period of excitement of a relationship.

Love is not just about a rush of adrenalin, excitement or emotions at a particular point in time, it’s about understanding and commitment. It’s about so many things I’m not going to act like an expert and a doctor about. But one thing I can confidently say is that love is about actions.

Does love mean you only get to live its true meaning with one person in life, or does it mean you can love multiple times? Does love make you unfair, or does it force you to be so fair that it causes you aches? Does love make you as greedy as to want your counterpart by you at all times no matter what, or does it teach you understanding and forgiveness?

What is love? Is it a surge of emotions at a point in time, or is it a lifetime with someone? Dear reader, I know you are expecting me to go somewhere with all these questions but how can I when I feel lost myself? Whatever the case, or whatever analogies I might come up with at points in time, I believe that “It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”



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