I often wonder why we act as we do at particular instances in time. I always thought that quarrels, fights or disputes came as parts and parcels in any type of relationship. However, I am beginning to wonder as to whether they really should. When two friends or loved ones first meet or meet afresh they tend to be at a level of composure where seldom do they get irritated or upset. I wish to speak of these moments of ultimate understanding.

I do not in the least intend to make my fellow readers think I am of superior character, but I just wish to convey triggering thoughts that emanate when observing people interacting around me. When two people first meet, they tend to be acutely aware of their partners wants, likes, feelings and displeasures. They sometimes go out of their way to make their partner happy. However, after some time together some people develop into a state where their counterparts’ unease comes second place to them. Their problem solving skills turn into heated discussions with occasional steamy remarks meant to infuriate their counterparts. At points such as these, I sometimes find myself remembering their exuberant smiles and dreamy eyes when they first met each other and then I ask myself, does this mean I shall act as such with my partner in the future?

I still find myself pondering over why couples quarrel and fight in upsetting ways. I wish to understand why we as humans end up fighting over topics when we could discuss them. When about to charge into a state of anger, I sometimes feel myself crossing a line from composure to anger but I still allow myself to cross that line when I find myself overly upset. But I still don’t understand why I can’t handle every matter in a state of composure? I still don’t understand why couples who come together with so much love end up fighting instead of solving matters as they did at the beginning of their relationship.



One response to “WHY DO WE ACT AS WE DO?

  • Eric Ackerson

    I think people quarrel with their loved ones because the sense of familiarity your get with family members makes it seem like the best place to vent your frustrations. Of course it is probably the worst place to do so.

    Also, often times the stressors that your carry are intertwined with your mates. Money, personal time, children etc. So if you disagree with the response of your spouse or family member, it is more relevant to you than issues with a stranger or even a friend.

    Sad but true. I guess we have to strive to be faithful to our desire to be kind to our loved ones.

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