Bonsai Tree

Growing up, there was a morning show on Future TV that had this section on gardening and plants. This lovely lady kept talking about the Bonsai tree and all the fancy stuff that would make you want one. Since then, this tree has been a dream I absolutely want and need to have it in one way or another. I doubt I’ll find any in Ghana though, unless I be-friend a few Chinese over here. For this reason I gathered interesting information about the tree and thought of sharing my love for this it with everyone. (How sweet – I know!)  I hope I make this fun enough.

Making a long story short, here’s what the Bonsai tree is all about:

  • Bonsai is the art of growing trees, or woody plants shaped as trees, in containers.
  • They depend on growing small trees from regular stock and seeds.
  • Bonsai are small trees that mimic the shape and style of mature, full-sized trees.
  • The word bonsai is derived from two Chinese characters, meaning a tree planted in a shallow container. The word is pronounced “bone-sigh”.
  • Bonsai trees are often thought to have originated from Japan, but records over 2,000 years old show trees being grown in China.
  • Several centuries later the Japanese began growing and training trees in pots and have developed the hobby to its current level.
  • Chinese and Japanese bonsai are very different in style, with Chinese style trees being more freeform and trained mainly by pruning, whilst Japanese trees are fussily groomed and shaped, appearing more natural.
  • Bonsai were brought indoors for display at special times by the ‘Japanese elite’ and became an important part of Japanese life by being displayed on specially designed shelves.
  • Given proper care, bonsai can live for hundreds of years, with prized specimens being passed from generation to generation.
  • It does not have to be an expensive commitment, but it is a commitment that requires a great amount of time, patience, skill and endurance.

Tell me how possible I couldn’t fall in love with the Bonsai tree. I need one ASAP. I’m getting one as soon as I can *fingers crossed*




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