Why do we disregard refuse collectors?

This question goes to me..and to you! Yes you!

Have you ever greeted any refuse collector? Or thought of doing so? Have you told them good day? How are you?

Frankly, I haven’t either.

I was watching TV one evening and there was a show about refuse or some sort of dumping ground somewhere in Morocco.

Suddenly  it clicked to me “why do I disregard collectors?” – “why look down on them?” So i thought I needed to recognize them in a blog post at least. Then of course cultivate the habit of actually greeting them..and acknowledge their presence.

They are humans, just like me and you.  Their only crime is that they collect our refuse! That’s THEIR job .. just like you’re an MD, radio presenter, web developer, or financial accountant.

If you believe you’re doing the most important job in the world..then you should look back at them and you’ll notice they’re doing a better job..They’re getting rid of  our refuse.. our dirt..!

They’re making life easy for me and you! They’re making us drive or walk around the streets and our homes and feeling clean!

This blog is not only about refuse collectors but also janitors, those who collect your WASTE (you know what I mean).

The mere fact that they’ve decided to do this job (which you and I  definitely wouldn’t), should make us at least regard them in society.

They are people who are forced by circumstances, if they had better options they wouldn’t have done that! At least they aren’t begging on the streets.

So this is a cause to me and you! Let’s appreciate whats around us!

Just say a nice “hello” with a smile! Let’s appreciate what others are doing so others appreciate what we also do!



4 responses to “Why do we disregard refuse collectors?

  • KmaN

    It’s nice to see you acting on your desire to show appreciation to these “refuse collectors” on your blog. It’s nice to know that decent people still exist in this world. Yallah use this blog as a platform to spread the love and the smiles and all that is good in human nature. I’m counting on Sugar and Spice to make everything nice.


  • Tim Hobbs

    Well said!

    I work with binmen day in and day out, and it’s a job I wouldn’t want in a thousand years. Not because of the physical effort, the early starts, the bad weather or the smells, but because of the appalling disregard that most people show them.

    It’s a surprisingly hard job – the loaders walk (and often jog) most of the route behind the truck, dodging in and out of traffic (I believe waste collection is second only to agriculture for killing people in industrial accidents) and avoiding the glass, syringes and whatever else people leave in their sacks.

    So give them a cheery wave and next time they hold you up on the way to work remember that they are just doing their job.

  • cherie coco

    oh, u r now realising they r human??? Guess wat? I give them cake every christmas….. now how is that??
    U guys should feel very very guilty about this. very very guilty. So the next time u c dem, say hello nd give them bigger smiles, cos i gave them the first smil. 🙂

  • Sugar Spice

    herh space to space girl, stop harassing our blog. What life is that? Ah! hehe anyways we really appreciate that you took time to read. you’re a darling. (Imagine Spice reading it to you)

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