If I were over the top, I would…

If I were over the top, I would …
1. Greet everyone with a “shut up”.
2. Carry my mattress and pillow to class so as to sleep during boring classes.
3. Have lectures via TV in my bedroom.
4. Stand like a royal guard throughout a live football match at the stadium.
5. Pat a shark and say “oh baby, how cute are you????”.
6. Race a turtle, and IF I win I’ll victoriously tell it “HA! You lose!”.
7. Go for a ride on a crocodile’s back.
8. Pet an anaconda and put a purple ribbon on its tail.
9. Scream “Oh my GOD, you are sooo smart” during class to my lecturer.
10. Put a helpless old lady in an elevator and push all the floor buttons.

Sugar & Spice


3 responses to “If I were over the top, I would…

  • KmaN

    1. Greet everyone with a shut up? shu hal haki? lol.
    2. akh… akh…
    3. akh… akh…
    4. nice to know you like football.
    5. have you seen jaws? (http://ow.ly/16Xx3_)
    6. again, shu hal haki.
    7. mhmm.. good luck with that
    8. repeat #7
    9. im sensing resentment at the educational system in general.
    10. lol

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